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G-T-S  is one of the Wholesale Electronics Suppliers sourcing from top  Manufacturers for electronic devices with special emphasis flat panel display systems in the industrial market.



G-T-S  is a professional provider for systems based on flatpanel products like TFT, Plasma, OLED, C-STN and STN Liquid Crystal Displays. G-T-S is committed to determining customer needs and then identifing solutions, which are innovative, economically feasible and fulfil the application requirements. Offering all peripherals for flatpanels like video-, analog- and digital controller boards, as well as high integrated single board computers, G-T-S is a well established partner of companies in the following market segments: automation control systems, medical equipment, POI and POS terminals, test and measurement equipment.

G-T-S did not limit themselves by contractual links with just one of few suppliers, but are able to offer any technology. This allows, to optimise to the requirements of the application and thus results in a better product for the customer. Special emphasis is given to the quality of the products.

G-T-S first try to understand the application and its environment, to then help the customer selecting display technology, glass filters, interfaces, controllers and housing. G-T-S efforts are taken , to even further improve quality and lifetime of products. Although G-T-S offer a range of standard products, the majority of their business is for LCD modules or customised systems, using various flatpanel technologies. G-T-S's mission is to bring you true value and great service at a competitive price. And we're doing it.


We are distributor of LCD products including active TFT, flat panel PC, passive graphic, passive character & open frame monitor displays, videowalls, industrial computers, rugged computers, single board computers, touchscreens & LCD controllers.Distributor of passive & active TFT LCD's & kit accessories. Markets served include OEM. Flat panel displays can be used in kiosks, machine automation & industrial control applications. Graphic & character display modules are used in MP3 consumer audio players, industrial test & process control equipment, computer peripherals, industrial panel meters & data collection displays, high-end white goods, & medical instrumentation. Capabilities include prototype, large production quantities & JIT delivery. Services include designing & technical support for backlighting, extending cables, PC-Bus cards, & touchscreen attachments & controllers.

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